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Random from Faves of 2014

Inspiring works by others who actually have talent! :p

This folder is for Transformers only, if I fave other types of works, they are usually in favorites. ^^

Been a while! (Non-TF) Which has been your favorite Avatar: Legend of Korra Season? 

9 deviants said Season 3 - I loved Zaheer and the Red Lotus, and … Kosami…? Maybe… O_o
7 deviants said Pugh, LOVED ALL THREE! THREESOME! No, wait.. not like that….
3 deviants said Season 1 - I loved Amon and the Equalists, and Makkora
No deviants said Season 2 - I loved Unalaq and Vaatu, and Makorra, no wait Masami…?
Happy New Year! Gah, so glad 2013 is over. Here's to hoping for a better year!

Oh, so watched Korra. Overall, really enjoyed it. But, errr, rants and raves again:

I think it should have stuck with the Amon/blood-bending story arc for both seasons. Instead of the cop out season one finale, she should have learned to blood-bend in order to "heal" those who lost their powers. I love the story of the second season, but I think it would have been better for the next Earth avatar. 

Speaking of blood bending, the bros, killing them, >.< 

I just don't care for Mako, that's just me

Lyn Bei Fong - total girl crush!
I do love the story lines!
Love the characters in this saga, Bolin and Varrick and Asami with close second.
Steam punk~ish setting. 

So I wonder, if they did do the Earth avatar, what kind of time-frame would it be modeled after? Like 80's/90's? I think 80's had more personality, though great cartoons in the 90's. Hmmmmmm…

Well, we will see about art. I am currently still raising an amazing active infant and going to school again. I am exhausted! I hope that when we get my MIL to move here, it'll free some time up for me. But we have a lot of work in store for us this year. I'm selling my motorcycle (go figure the ex brought it down without rear brakes, hhhmmm), going through my stuff, selling some, organizing the rest, school, school, school… 

I'm also homeschooling the little one I actually want to have another kid and get fixed. Hubby and I are both only child, so we want ours to have a sibling, because it does get lonely as an only child. 

Shit, what the heck is going on with DA? Miss it, I need to get back into the groove… just won't be the full force like before, but I have this urge to draw. I am having difficulty lately, but once I can get them juices flowing again...


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